Friday, March 1, 2013

Here goes Nothing !!!

Okay well Life is crazy, I have a full plate then some but most do ... I am over whelmed with Doctor appointments with my Son Joshua he has a lot going on and as I was telling his doctor I feel like I am running into a break wall... I feel like I am everyone's taxi.  Go go go go that's what I feel... and all the doctors want to do is medicate him... we been through so many medications sense November I had to flush the ones that didn't work down the toilet so I wouldn't get confused on what I was giving him.  I have a few friends that know what I am going through but the doctors just keep adding new things on to what he already has... then there is his school he hates school so bad and now I am struggling with do I Home school or let him suffer.. Kids now a days are so rude and meaner then when I was in school... Then there is my other son Jayden who has be Diagnosed with server ADHD and ODD I keep hearing only two percent of kids his age has it this bad same thing with Joshua ugh I want to just curl up in a blanket and turn my brain off and sleep for a very long time... I have two girls as well Madeline who is a sweet heart she goes with the flow and don't really hear much from her and then there is Makayla who is fixing to be 13 and has a attitude... someone save me and we just got a puppy and she thinks it cute to grab the toilet paper off the roll and run it in to the living room its cute but just more for me to do ... I feel sort of like I am not doing enough and I will never be nothing more then just a mom and wife.. does anyone feel that way?  Well gotta go for now please feel free to comment on whatever... happy blogging everyone!!!